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The foundation has been working with the local Actuarial societies to implement actuarial education at two of the leading Universities in Ghana, in particular, the University of Ghana, Legon – Accra. The university presently offers a limited course as an elective in its Statistics department. It aims to take the first steps towards a full program to commence in August 2003 by doubling the subjects offered and modelling them on the curriculum of the UK Institute of Actuaries.

The foundation will fund the teaching of the 2 courses by offering incentives to members of the local actuarial society to go into the university to teach the subject. The foundation will also run a scheme whereby they will sponsor prizes for the best student in the 2 subjects at the end of an academic year.

The overall initiative is to gradually work with the university to build a full program in the short to medium term. It is a likely that a similar process will be repeated with the University of Cape Coast in Ghana which is the second institution looking to offer a full program in the education of Actuarial Science

A number of Actuarial or social science textbooks were donated to the University of Ghana.

The Foundation works with the local actuarial society to develop programmes to raise the profile of the profession and to develop its activities and influence within its local economy by meeting the society regularly, every 3 months.

In February 2003 3E Foundation, together with Peter Clark – the past President of the UK Institute of Actuaries visited the Actuarial Society of Ghana (ASG) and attended the meeting held at the University of Legon. As a result of 3E’s work in the region and its continued support, new syllabus for the introductory Actuarial degree programme has been prepared which will lead to the establishment of a full Actuarial Degree programme.

Picture: 3E with Peter Clark, University of Ghana officials and ASG