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Welcome to the website of the Emerging Economies Education (3E) Foundation, a non-for-profit organisation, founded in February 2001. The work of 3E takes place in emerging economies or minority communities within established economies:
Some of its work includes the following:

  • Donating actuarial text books and journals to institutions running actuarial science courses
  • Offering individual scholarships and awards to students studying Actuarial science or related degrees especially Mathematics and Statistics.
  • Providing advice, support and relevant contacts to universities setting up actuarial science programmes
  • Building fully equipped study centres for research and advanced actuarial education where students can gather and study, thus supporting the development of actuarial communities
  • Facilitating the placement of lecturers/tutors from established actuarial fraternities/institutions to complement actuarial education within institutions in emerging economies
  • Promoting the actuarial profession within primary and secondary institutions. In particular, through promoting and encouraging the love of mathematics.
  • Promoting and facilitating links between students and academicians of Actuarial Science around the world.
  • Working with related agencies interested in the overall development of emerging economies and the general well being of the global community.

...and many more activities aimed at

  • Supporting the development of actuarial education within emerging economies
  • Supporting the individuals involved in the above through the provision of materials, tutors and a support network
  • Increasing the flow of home-grown qualified actuaries
  • Re-educating traditional employers to utilise home grown actuarial talent and making non-traditional employers of the value of the actuarial discipline.

You can contact 3E Foundation to find out how you can benefit, participate, contribute or partner in this vital work.